Israel launches a series of violent raids on the Gaza Strip


MEA – Today, Tuesday, the Israeli occupation planes continued their bombardment of various areas in the Gaza Strip.

The occupation warplanes launched a series of violent air strikes in the vicinity of the al-Katibah area and the Ansar complex for government and civilian buildings west of Gaza City, and smoke rose and a fire broke out, after the raids stopped for nearly two hours in the Strip.

An Israeli raid targeted agricultural land in the Maan area, east of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, while the occupation warplanes launched four raids by Israeli drones on a building west of Gaza City.

The occupation air forces targeted, with several missiles, agricultural lands in the vicinity of the Education Roundabout in the northern Gaza Strip, and another raid on a house west of the Maqusi area, west of Gaza City.

Meanwhile, the occupation artillery intensified its bombardment with sound and smoke bombs in the east of the towns of Abasan and Khuza’a and Al-Zana areas, and a number of them fell in the yard of homes.

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