“The army will continue its operations.” The Israeli Intelligence Minister threatens to cut off the electricity supply to the Gaza Strip


MEA – Today, Tuesday, the Israeli authorities announced that the military operation in the Gaza Strip will continue for days to come, threatening that the next step is to cut off electricity to Gaza, while the occupation forces have continued to bomb separate areas of the Strip by air, land and sea since dawn today. On the other hand, the Palestinian resistance responded with barrages of missiles targeting a number of Israeli cities, towns and settlements.

Meanwhile, Israeli reports indicated that the position expressed by the Israeli army leadership during the security consultations and the assessment of field conditions indicates that “Israel is facing a ‘window of opportunity’ to strike more targets before it agrees to a ceasefire under international pressure.”

Israeli Channel 12 reported that the Israeli army had informed its political leadership of the necessity to carry out targeted assassinations targeting leaders of the Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip during the current phase of the aggression. He stressed the possibility of an opportunity to assassinate the chief of staff of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Muhammad al-Deif, in addition to “leaders of the first row” in Gaza.

According to Israeli military estimates, “Hamas is looking for an achievement or an image that reflects a victory before reaching a ceasefire, while the Israeli army seeks to prevent this and target more leaders of the resistance factions in the Gaza Strip.”

And while the Israeli Minister of Intelligence, Eli Cohen, indicated that “the next step is to cut off the electricity supply to the Gaza Strip.” The Israeli army spokesman, Haidai Zilberman, announced that the Israeli army will continue its operations in Gaza in line with its list of targets for the next 24 hours, adding in statements to Military Radio, “We are not talking about a ceasefire, we are focusing on shooting.”

The military spokesman announced that 75 shells were fired from the Gaza Strip during the last night until dawn today, Tuesday, while the resistance factions fired from the Gaza Strip from 7 am to 7 pm, 270 rockets, 45 of which fell inside the Strip.

The spokesman admitted that 3,300 rockets were fired from Gaza, most of them from the northern Gaza Strip. And that the missiles that targeted Israel in this war are the most numerous in “the history of Israel,” claiming that the “Iron Dome” system intercepted 90% of them, stressing, “Our goal is to weaken Hamas’s military capabilities.”

“As long as the Hamas and Islamic Jihad attacks continue, we will not discuss a de-escalation,” he said, noting that they possess about 12,000 rockets, which would be difficult to completely destroy. “We targeted 3 apartments for leaders of Hamas in Gaza and a warehouse for the development and production of rockets belonging to the movement,” he said.

The military spokesman stressed that the Israeli occupation was preparing to attack “new geographical areas that it had not previously targeted, including the underground system of Hamas,” noting that the Israeli occupation targeted, during the day, Tuesday, about 150 targets in Gaza.

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