Egypt presents a proposal to a ceasefire Thursday


MEA – Israeli media reported that Egypt submitted a proposal for a truce between Israel and the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, to take effect from next Thursday. Amid reports of “relative progress” in the mediation efforts to reach a ceasefire, at a time when an official Israeli insistence on continuing the aggression on Gaza “will continue as needed.”

Military and political estimates in Tel Aviv, according to Haaretz newspaper, indicate that Israel will soon turn to one of three mechanisms to end the aggression on Gaza: Egyptian mediation, UN mediation, or a unilateral ceasefire – the Israeli side.

The newspaper hinted that Israeli officials prefer a ceasefire through the third mechanism – a unilateral ceasefire, which would allow Israel to attack targets in Gaza and “meet the calm with a calm,” considering it a step that might help Hamas “descend from the tree” The newspaper’s expression, cease-fire and containment of escalation.

Informed Egyptian diplomatic sources suggested that the beginning of the truce between “Hamas and Israel will be by Thursday, with the aim of stopping the Israeli military escalation in the Gaza Strip and the launching of rockets from the Strip on Tel Aviv.”

The sources said, “The Egyptian-American efforts resulted in the implementation by the Palestinian and Israeli sides of one of the most important demands during the past two days, which is to reduce the rate of escalation until a binding agreement is reached for both sides.”

The Israeli Channel 12 reported that “Cairo proposed to start the truce as of 6 am next Thursday.” The channel added that the “Hamas” movement, which controls the Gaza Strip, agreed to Egypt’s proposal, while the Israeli authorities did not respond to the proposal.

The Israeli channel reported Turkish press reports that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, informed the US President, Joe Biden, that Israel would be ready to discuss a ceasefire within two or three days.

For its part, the Israeli public channel (“Kan 11”) indicated “relative progress” in the efforts to mediate a ceasefire in Gaza. The channel stressed that the resistance factions agreed to a mutual and simultaneous ceasefire. The channel pointed to the escalation of international pressure on Israel, which Biden expressed during his call with Netanyahu, on Monday, and indicated that Washington will not be able to neutralize international pressure and defend the Israeli position for a long time.

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