The occupation army is preparing to launch a “flash attack” on the Gaza Strip: Israeli media


MEA – An Israeli channel revealed that the Israeli army was preparing to launch a “lightning attack” on Gaza before the ceasefire on Wednesday evening.

Military correspondent “Alon Ben David” reported on the Hebrew Kan channel: “The Israeli army is preparing to launch a” lightning attack “on Gaza before the ceasefire.

He pointed out that Defense Minister Benny Gantz “ordered effective attacks against many targets during the night, and in return it is likely that Hamas will also try to intensify the fire.”

And the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, indicated earlier, that “every day we strike more of the capabilities of the organizations in the Gaza Strip, thwart more of their senior leaders and bring down more terror towers, and hit more weapons stores.” , Stressing that “this is Israel’s natural right.”

While in the main war room of the Israeli army at the army ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu expressed his “deep appreciation for the support of the governments, and especially the support of the US President, our friend Joe Biden, for Israel’s right to defend itself.”

He stressed that he “insists on continuing this process until achieving its goal, which is to restore calm and safety to you, O citizens of Israel.”

It is noteworthy that, for the tenth consecutive day, Israel continues its aggression on the Gaza Strip, which has resulted in the death of about 227 martyrs, including 64 children, 38 women and 17 elderly people, in addition to 1620 injuries with various wounds, most of them women and children, in addition to the destruction of dozens of homes and residential towers.

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