A simultaneous Israel-Palestine ceasefire tomorrow -Sources


MEA – Sources in the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” told “Al-Akhbar” that the truce will take effect tomorrow, and that the cease-fire will take place simultaneously between the Israeli enemy and the Palestinian resistance.

One of the movement’s leaders said that the Americans pressured the enemy’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to stop the military operations because of his failure to achieve his goals and not out of love and fear for the Palestinian people.

According to the Hamas leader, the mediators asked the resistance to declare a ceasefire before the enemy, which was rejected by the resistance leadership, which emphasized that the declaration of a ceasefire must take place simultaneously.

Resistance sources say that Netanyahu’s announcement of a unilateral ceasefire is an attempt by him to emerge in the image of a victor, and that the agreement was reached between the mediators, the enemy and the resistance, and what the enemy’s prime minister says is directed at his home front, which will ignite against him after the truce is approved.

According to him, the possibility of the enemy declaring a unilateral ceasefire “is better for the resistance and makes it free to target the enemy when it breaches the calm.”

The leader explained that the resistance has succeeded in consolidating the equation linking the Gaza Strip with Jerusalem, and Netanyahu is currently seeking to find a way out to reinforce his crisis image at home, stressing that the resistance in Gaza can continue to bomb the enemy’s entity for months, and that the resistance’s situation is very good.

The resistance also stressed that it monitors the actions of the enemy in Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah, declaring that the decision to prevent settlers from storming the Al-Aqsa Mosque temporarily will not agree to it, and with regard to the issue of Sheikh Jarrah, the resistance has proven the formula for bombing the Israeli entity in the event that the residents of the neighborhood are displaced.

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