A shipment of medicine arrives in the Gaza Strip days after Israel prevented it from entering


MEA – Minister of Health Dr. said. Mai Al-Kailah, the medical and health cadres, worked with all professionalism and patriotism during the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, praising their heroic role during the aggression to protect, treat and heal our people in the Strip.

Minister Al-Keela said that the Palestinian health sector lost two doctors by the fire and missiles of the Israeli occupation, and hospitals, health centers, the Corona Central Laboratory and the Ministry of Health building were bombed, which confirms that the occupation state targeted everything in the Gaza Strip, and it did not have any red lines.

The Minister of Health indicated to the Israeli occupation authorities during the aggression that prevented the entry of a convoy of medicines and medical supplies sent by the Ministry of Health to the Gaza Strip through the United Nations, while it allowed their entry today, as they contain medicines for operating and emergency rooms, laboratory supplies and medical consumables in addition to anti-Coronavirus vaccinations, special units and bags. For blood.

The Minister of Health said: Last week, an extensive meeting was held with donor countries and United Nations institutions, where what was exposed to our people in the Gaza Strip as a result of the aggression, in addition to the damage inflicted on the health sector in Gaza, was presented.

The Minister of Health added that the occupation authorities refused to cross a medical delegation from the Ministry of Health and the private sector to the Gaza Strip during the days of the Israeli bombing, and the treatment was transferred to Egypt and the Rafah crossing.

Dr. said. Keela: We have our compassion on all the martyrs who ascended to Elyin as a result of this barbaric aggression, wishing a speedy recovery for the wounded, and stand on the side of the bereaved families who lost their loved ones and loved ones, and we say to the medical and health teams, “He gives you a thousand well-being” and raises the hats to you for your humanitarian role.

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