We will not fund the reconstruction of Gaza without launching a negotiation track: The European Union


MEA – The Commissioner for Security and Foreign Policy of the European Union, Joseph Borrell, said that the Union cannot continue to fund the reconstruction of Gaza, without the possibility of launching a political path between Israel and the Palestinians.

He pointed out that leaving the causes of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict aside will only lead to new cycles of violence, as he put it.

He stressed that real negotiations should return to a lasting solution through a political settlement based on the two-state solution.

Borrell stressed that he would do his utmost to try to reopen the space for negotiations, develop confidence-building measures and take advantage of the opportunity to build a real peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Josep Borrell warned of the need to return to meaningful negotiations for a two-state solution based on internationally agreed criteria.

He pointed out that reaching this point requires taking a number of steps, including the Palestinian elections and the agreed-upon methods to end the isolation of Gaza.

The Commissioner for Security and Foreign Policy of the European Union added that there is a need to reach a settlement of the basic conflict, because real security for Israel and Palestine will only be achieved through real peace, and a real political solution and negotiation.

He cautioned that it was the absence of any progress towards the two-state solution, which the international community had long supported, that ultimately led to the outbreak of the latest wave of violence.

He said, “A number of Arab countries have normalized their relations with Israel, giving the impression that the Palestinian issue is over.”

Borrell pointed out that the relative calm in the Palestinian territories since 2014, and the normalization of a number of Arab countries in their relations with Israel, mediated by the administration of President Donald Trump, gave the impression to some in Israel that the Palestinian issue has been settled and that the Arab-Israeli conflict has come to an end and that the status quo can be. To continue indefinitely.

But he stressed that the peace process negotiations have not resolved the conflict, nor have they halted the expansion of settlements on Palestinian land, which in practical terms undermines the solution supported by the international community.

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