Oman’s Sultan Haitham orders government to implement job schemes following protests


Oman’s Sultan Haitham bin Tarik has directed the country’s government to “quickly implement operational initiatives” that will lead to the employment of more than 32,000 jobs this year, according to an official statement following days of protests.

According to the directives issued by the Sultan, 2,000 jobs will be given to citizens in the government sector, in addition to providing one million hours for part-time work in government institutions across various sectors.

The Sultan’s directives also announced government subsidies for new employees entering the workforce for the first time.

“Supporting the wages of Omani new entrants to the labor market in the private sector by an amount of 200 two hundred Omani riyals provided that the employer bears the difference in the salary agreed upon, for 15,000 job opportunities for a period of two years,” read one of the provisions under Sultan Haitham’s directives.

The government said the Ministry of Labor will announce the necessary controls and operational mechanisms for the new directives in June.

Rare protests in Oman have erupted over the past three days over job layoffs and poor economic conditions across the Gulf Arab Country. In some protests, protesters threw stones at police, who fired tear gas at them in return.

Al Arabiya

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