UAE works with other countries to fight corruption under UNCAC


The United Arab Emirates has stressed the need for greater cooperation between all world countries in the fight against corruption, state news agency WAM reported on Friday.

In a special session held by the General Assembly of the United Nations, UAE representative Dr. Harib al-Amimi, President of State Audit Institutions (SAI) and Chairman of the Conference of the State Parties to the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) emphasized that the UAE and other countries were concerned about the effects and risks that corruption posed for the stability and security of societies.

Al-Amimi added that the organizations strongly supported international anti-corruption efforts to build more effective institutions to consolidate principles of integrity, accountability and transparency for the greater common good.

The UNCAC has long been involved in the fight against corruption and responding to global problems, covering five main areas: criminalization and law enforcement; preventative measures; international cooperation; technical assistance and information exchange, and asset recovery.

The UAE, in cooperation with international associates and through the UNCAC’s general framework, has been actively working towards eradicating corrupt behavior through various agreements, ensuring the implementation and achievement of their goals.

The UN body covers several forms of corruption including bribery, drug trafficking, cybercrime, money laundering, abuse of functions or trading in influence, along with fraudulent behavior in the private sector.

Al Arabiya

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