UAE administers second doses of Covid-19 vaccine among Syrian refugees in Jordan


The Emirates Red Crescent has begun the second phase of a Covid-19 vaccination drive for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

The campaign will inoculate 12,000 people in the Emirati-Jordanian camps of Mrajeeb Al Fhood, Zaatari, Al Azraq and Al Hadiqa using the Sinopharm shot.

It began three weeks ago when thousands of refugees received their first dose.

They will now receive their second dose to complete the course.

Dr Mohammed Ateeq Al Falahi, secretary general of the Emirates Red Crescent, said the programme falls within the efforts made by the UAE as part of the global battle against Covid-19.

“The programme is implemented under an Emirati-Jordanian partnership represented by the Emirates Red Crescent, the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and the Jordanian Ministry of Health, and in co-ordination with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees,” he said.

In late May, the Emirates Red Crescent embarked on a similar drive in Iraq to vaccinate Syrian refugees and displaced people living in Erbil.

It plans to inoculate 15,000 people in Iraqi Kurdistan refugee camps using the Sinopharm vaccine.

The campaigns are being carried out on the instruction of Sheikha Fatima, chairwoman of the General Women’s Union, president of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and honorary chairwoman of the Emirates Red Crescent.

Covid-19 vaccine drive for Syrian refugees and displaced people in Iraq

The Emirates Red Crescent has launched the first phase of a vaccination programme to inoculate 15,000 Syrian refugees and displaced people in Iraq. All photos by WAM

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