Hamas will not allow Israel to delay Gaza reconstruction


The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said on Tuesday that it will not allow the Israeli occupation authorities to delay the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, Quds Press has reported. “All options are open to push the occupation to end its siege,” insisted a member of the movement’s political bureau. Israel has full control over all goods, including building materials, allowed into the territory.

Mohammad Nazzal used his interview to point out that Hamas is preparing for the “last stage” of the struggle with the Israeli occupation.

“In the wake of the Sword of Jerusalem battle, which crushed the image of the occupation, we accepted a ceasefire on condition that the occupation stop its violations in Jerusalem,” he explained. Stopping Israeli violations against Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah were among the conditions. “We are ready for all options because we are aware of the Israeli violations of agreements and pledges.”

In response to the Palestinian Authority’s call to return to national dialogue in order to end the internal division, the Hamas official said, “Our condition is that any new talks should lead to real Palestinian partnership based on the results at the ballot boxes as a civilised and just way forward.”

In closing, Nazzal described the judiciary in Saudi Arabia as “politicised”. This was in response to a question about the Hamas members detained by the Saudi authorities.

“Their detention is nothing to do with justice,” the official said. “The judiciary receives its directions from the highest political levels before issuing its rulings.”

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