Israel arrests Palestinian rights lawyer who protested against Abbas


A Palestinian human rights lawyer was detained by Israeli forces early on Sunday after taking part in a protest in the West Bank against Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the international rights group Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) said.

According to ICHR, Farid Al-Atrash was arrested at an Israeli checkpoint east of Jerusalem. He had been taking part in a protest against the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.

Al-Atrash was transferred to Israel’s Hadassah Hospital and later released. It is not clear why he was taken to hospital. He remains in detention.

Al-Atrash joined protests following the killing of Nizar Banat at the hands of PA security officials. Banat was an outspoken critic of the PA.

Israel and the PA coordinate security in the West Bank in order to suppress opposition groups that they both view as a threat.

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