UAE grants Golden Visas to 100,000 resident, non-resident coders


The United Arab Emirates has granted Golden Visas to 100,000 entrepreneurs, enterprise owners and startups specialized in coding, Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported on Sunday.

The country’s National Program for Coders announced the start of the Golden Visa application process on Sunday as part of an initiative that is available to both residents and non-residents of the UAE to attract some of the most talented and qualified coders and graduates specializing in the field of coding.

Coders of all nationalities and age groups are eligible to apply for the UAE Golden Visa including distinguished experts in the field and talents who work for pioneering international technology companies, and graduates of computer science, software engineering, information technology, artificial intelligence, data science, electrical engineering, data science and hardware engineering.

Glasses placed on a desk with a computer monitor in the background. (Unsplash, Kevin Ku)
Glasses placed on a desk with a computer monitor in the background. (Unsplash, Kevin Ku)

Eligible applicants can apply through the UAE’s Office of Artificial Intelligence or the federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. All applications must be submitted by the UAE’s government agencies responsible for issuing the visas.

The announcement is in line with the country’s aim to establish 1,000 major digital companies within the next five years to strengthen the UAE’s digital market and secure the necessary infrastructure needed to yield greater innovation and creativity to keep up with global trends and challenges across a variety of industries.

The Golden Visa, which is also available to investors, entrepreneurs and talented individuals, offers ten years of residency within the UAE.

Al Arabiya

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