Turkish Technic mulls investments in Asia-Pacific, signs deals with Malaysia


ISTANBUL – Turkish Technic, Turkish Airlines’ aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul company, said on Tuesday it was mulling investment opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region and had signed a series of agreements with companies in Malaysia.

In a statement, Turkish Technic said it had signed a deal on Monday with Sapura Technics, a Malaysian repair and maintenance company, and a subsidiary of Sapura Resources Berhad.

“Turkish Technic aspires to expand its nearly one hundred years of experience in the aircraft maintenance and repair market to this region with its investments in Malaysia,” the company said.

Turkish Airlines Chief Executive Ilker Ayci said the airline aimed to increase capabilities, expand its customer portfolio, and continue investment and growth efforts, and added it was “continuously” evaluating investment opportunities in the region.

“We aspire to expand our investments in the Asia-Pacific region,” Ayci said. “We believe that these investments will be of great importance for our company and our country’s civil aviation,” he added.


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