Gantz reveals identity of Iranian behind drone attack


MEA – Israeli Foreign and Security Ministers Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid met today, Wednesday, with ambassadors of member states of the UN Security Council, “as part of the Israeli political effort to mobilize international condemnation and response to the terrorist operations of the Iranian regime,” according to a joint statement issued by the two ministers’ offices.

The meeting with the ambassadors was held against the backdrop of the targeting of the Mercer Street oil tanker, owned by a Japanese company and operated by a company whose owners are an Israeli businessman, in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday night – last Friday. The statement stated that “Israel has worked in all political and security channels, during the past week, in order for the international community to set clear borders for Iran to make it stop its aggressive performance.”

Gantz and Lapid told the ambassadors that “Israel will preserve its freedom of action in return for any such attack and any threat to its citizens.” They claimed, “This is not a local or bilateral conflict. This is an attack on the world, and the world must respond. This can only happen with a united and courageous approach on the part of the international community, through the UN Security Council and other frameworks that demand Iran take responsibility for its aggressive operations.” .

Gantz said, “The commander of the Air Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, is the one who is behind dozens of operations in which drones and missiles were involved in the region. The direct person responsible for the launching of booby-trapped drones is Saeed Aragani, whose name I reveal.” here for the first time.”

Gantz added that “Arajani is the main operator of the drone system of the Revolutionary Guards Air Force, which caused the targeting of Mercer Street. He is the one who provides equipment, training, plans, and is responsible for many terrorist operations in the region.”

Gantz added, “Iran has proven once again that it is an international and regional challenge, and in the end it is a threat to Israel as well. Iran is responsible for dozens of terrorist operations throughout the Middle East and for activating militias in Yemen, Iraq and other countries.”

According to Gantz, “Iran has also crossed all the lines set in the previous nuclear agreement, and today it is about ten weeks away from reaching the fissile material that would allow the development of a nuclear bomb.”

And he added, “This is a time for action, and the world must impose economic sanctions and take effective steps against the Revolutionary Guards. We do not have a conflict with the Iranian people, but with a regime that may bring about a dangerous arms race in the entire Middle East. The Israeli security apparatus transmitted intelligence information, and we will later transmit criminal evidence.” “.

In turn, Lapid said, “This is not a conflict between armies in Syria. This is not a secret operation against a military facility. This is an attack on the world’s trade route, and this is an attack on freedom of movement. This is an international crime. So my question to you is what will the international community do in this regard?” Is there still something called international law? And does the world have the ability and willpower to exercise it in order to implement it? Because if the answer is yes, the world must act now. And if the international community does not respond in this case, there is no such thing as an international community, But anyone works only for himself.”

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