Biden administration intends to open the US consulate in Jerusalem


MEA – The Hebrew newspaper “Israel Hayom” revealed that the administration of US President Joe Biden is working to push “the opening of the US Consulate in Jerusalem, which serves the interests of the Palestinians.”

Israel Hayom indicated that “it is estimated that the issue will be presented during the upcoming meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and President Joe Biden, at the end of the month.”

The newspaper confirmed that “the two sides are interested in narrowing the dispute,” noting that “it has learned that representatives from the American administration are working to delay the bill initiated by Representative Nir Barkat (of the Likud party), which practically prevents the opening of the consulate, and that Barakat did not succumb to pressures. He intends to continue presenting the law.”

The newspaper added, “It is not clear that Barakat will succeed in presenting the bill to a vote, before the Biden administration puts forward its request to open the consulate with all its might,” as according to Barakat’s bill, the former mayor of Jerusalem, “Israel will not open any diplomatic representation in Jerusalem that works to serve A foreign political entity, as the consulate is dedicated to serving the Palestinians, and according to the draft law, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will prevent its establishment. I24NEWS”.

For his part, Nir Barkat, who traveled to the United States two weeks ago to clarify the problem of opening the consulate, explained: “The step of establishing the Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem means recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. The government’s approval of this step is a calamity, and I intend to resist this dangerous step to establish the consulate, This is a red line that we must not cross. Jerusalem will remain the united capital of Israel forever.”

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