Turkey’s daily COVID-19 cases close to three month-high


Turkey recorded 26,597 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, close to last week’s three-month high, and the number of fatalities hovered close to a two-month peak.

Daily cases have surged from a low of just over 4,000 in early July to over 20,000 for the last two weeks.

That resurgence, coupled with severe wildfires in Turkey’s southwestern coastal provinces, has hit hopes for a strong tourism revival this summer after heavy losses caused by pandemic restrictions last year.

Last week the new daily cases hit 26,822, the highest level since the first week of May. The number of COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday was 124.

Two-thirds of Turkish adults have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine, while slightly less than half have received two or more doses. Turkey has given nearly 6 million third doses to health workers and people over 50 years old.


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