Palestinian presidency rejects new settlement expansion projects


MEA – The Palestinian presidency expressed its strong rejection and condemnation of the new settlement expansion projects in the Palestinian territories, especially allowing the construction of 2,200 settlement units in the occupied city of Jerusalem and the rest of the Palestinian territories.

In a statement published by the official agency, the presidency warned of these new settlement decisions, considering them an explicit violation of the Oslo Agreement, which expressly states that no unilateral measures should be taken by any party, in addition to that they are a violation of all international legitimacy resolutions, foremost of which is UN Security Council Resolution No. 2334, which clearly affirms the illegality of settlements in all Palestinian territories.

The presidency indicated that this rejected Israeli decision contradicts the clear American position expressed by President Joe Biden during his call with President Mahmoud Abbas, in which he affirmed the American side’s rejection of settlements and unilateral measures.

The presidency called on the American side and the international community to work seriously and immediately to stop the Israeli persistence, which, if it continues, will return matters to a situation that enhances tension and instability, explaining that these Israeli measures will not contribute to American efforts to enhance confidence-building measures between the two parties.

The presidency reiterated that all settlements are illegal and to the point of demise, and no settlement construction will be allowed to be legalized in the occupied Palestinian territory, stressing that true peace and security are linked to the extent of commitment to all international agreements and legitimacy.

She stressed that settlement, especially in the city of East Jerusalem, is a red line, and that Jerusalem and its holy sites are not for sale, concession or bargaining, and that any prejudice to the Palestinian rights supported by the international community will never be accepted, stressing that the path to peace is clear, as is the path to security and stability.

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