An Israeli warning of escalation in West Bank and Gaza


MEA – A senior official in the Israeli occupation army warned of a possible escalation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in the event that “no understandings are reached with the resistance factions in the Gaza Strip and the situation in the West Bank is calmed,” referring to what he described as “field turmoil.”

The official in the occupation army said: “The army had to evacuate early in (the outpost) ‘Eviatar’, and there is worrying terrorist activity in Jenin and we can return to the ‘guardian of the fences’ (the last Israeli war on the Gaza Strip).”

He confirmed, in statements carried by the official broadcaster (“Can 11”), that the soldier who killed the child, Muhammad Al-Alami, “will be subject to interrogation at the Military Police’s investigation unit.”

Israeli military and political sources had claimed that the chief of staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kohavi, had asked senior officers to reduce the number of shootings of Palestinians in the West Bank, following the death of more than 40 Palestinians in army crimes, since last May, and that officials criticized the commander The Central District of the Israeli army, Tamir claims, because of the behavior of his forces and they thought that this would lead to an escalation in the West Bank.

Speaking with his officers about the murder of the martyr Al-Alami in the town of Beit Ummar in Hebron, Kochavi said: “We work in a crowded and harsh environment, a lot of friction and threats, and it is often unclear who is the enemy and who is innocent.” He added, “I understand the complexity.” And I ask you to deal with it, and we will support you. We will support you when you follow the instructions. We will support you when you follow your estimates even if there are mistakes.”

On the other hand, an informed Palestinian source revealed that the factions in Gaza are studying options for a “popular escalation”, in light of the escalation of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the tightening of the siege on the Gaza Strip.

The source said that “there is a discussion by the faction leadership to move towards a popular escalation, capable of all scenarios, in response to the ongoing plans to expand settlements in the West Bank, prevent construction (in Gaza) and tighten the siege.”

The Palestinian source, who spoke to the Turkish “Anadolu” agency, did not reveal what the “popular escalation” tools are being studied by the factions.

He added that “the factions are now seeing that there are attempts to pass a new scheme targeting Jerusalem, and isolating Gaza through the siege, to preoccupy it with living crises to single out Jerusalem and the West Bank.”

He added that the factions reject the escalation of settlements in the West Bank and warn of an Israeli-American plan, which includes “providing facilities to the Palestinians and allowing the construction of some buildings in areas classified as C (in the West Bank) in exchange for settlement expansion.”

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