Hariri says Akkar massacre not unlike Beirut port blast, calls for Aoun to resign


Lebanon’s former prime minister Saad Hariri has called for the resignation of President Michel Aoun amid the latest incident involving the deadly fuel tanker explosion in the Akkar district of the country.

At least 20 people have been killed and 76 others injured after a gas tanker exploded in the Tleil area of Lebanon’s Akkar district, according to the Lebanese Red Cross.

“The Akkar massacre is no different than the [Beirut] Port massacre. May God have mercy on the martyrs and may they rest in peace. May God heal the wounded and injured. What happened in the two crimes, if there was a country that respects people, its officials would resign, starting with the President of the Republic to the last person responsible for this neglect. Enough is enough. The lives and security of the Lebanese are a priority,” Hariri tweeted.

Footage being shared on social media showed several ambulances transporting burn victims of the blast in Tleil to hospitals in the district.

At least 22 divisions of the Lebanese Red Cross were deployed in response to the explosion of the fuel tanker in Akkar, according to the Red Cross.

“Our teams are working on transporting the wounded and the dead bodies to hospitals in the area,” the Lebanese Red Cross said on Twitter.

Al Arabiya

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