Palestine maybe entering a fourth COVID wave: Official


RAMALLAH – Wesam Sbaihat, a Ministry of Health official in charge of the COVID-19 file in the northern West Bank, said today that Palestine might have already entered a fourth wave of COVID-19, as more infections and hospitalizations are being logged every day.

Sbaihat told official Voice of Palesine radio that 70 percent of active COVID cases in Palestine are of the delta variant, which is thought to be the most transmissible and even the deadliest among known variants of the novel virus.

The official noted that there has been a noticeable increase in vaccinations following the Palestinian government’s decision to make vaccination compulsory to civil servants and private employees.

He stressed the importance of obeying quarantine requirements and the other established health protocols to keep infection rate under control.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Health said 225 cases of COVID were registered in the West Bank, and 152 coronavirus tests came out positive in the Gaza Strip during the last 24-hour reporting period, which is the highest daily number recorded since late April when Palestine was exisiting its third wave.

The health minister said 39 patients of COVID-19 are hospitalized, of whom 17 are in intensive care, including three on ventilators.

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