Taliban begin offensive on Kabul: Interior ministry


The Taliban have started entering Kabul from all sides, according to the Afghan interior ministry.

There are clashes ongoing between the Afghan army and the Taliban in southern and northern Kabul, according to Al Arabiya sources.

Clashes have taken place outside the city proper and have not spilled into the center, sources add, although Taliban fighters have been seen moving through the city peacefully.

A Taliban spokesperson says that fighters have been directed to remain at the gates and not storm the city.

The Afghan presidency has asserted that the situation in Kabul is still under control.

Citizens have been seen lining up to withdraw their savings from banks before their doors were closed due to lack of liquidity.

Several EU staff members have been moved to an undisclosed safer location in Kabul, according to a NATO official.

Fewer than 50 Embassy officials will stay in Kabul for now, and core members of the US team in Afghanistan are now working from Kabul airport, according to a US official.

The Taliban leader, currently in Qatar, says fighters have been ordered to refrain from violence in the capital, allow safe passage to anyone who chooses to exit, and request women to head to protected areas.

Al Arabiya

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