Wildfire in Jerusalem hills starts spreading again


MEA – The fires burning since, yesterday, Sunday, in the Jerusalem mountains, destroyed about 20 thousand dunums of forests, as firefighting and rescue crews were unable to control and extinguish the fire due to bad weather.

The fires starts spreading again on Monday afternoon, in some locations, where the firefighting and rescue crews, reinforced by reserve units of the Israeli army, are deployed on the mountains and in the areas where the fires renewed, without the firefighting crews being able to completely extinguish the fires.

Fire crews are trying to control the fires in 5 locations where the flames have spreaded, as 49 fire engines are present in the forests and fire areas and are putting out the fires in order to control them.

According to the Fire and Rescue Authority, a fire broke out in the mountains of Jerusalem, and the operations to put out the fires continued in the mountains of Jerusalem during the night hours until the morning, with the participation of more than 70 firefighting and rescue crews who worked long hours to put out the fire, which destroyed about 20 thousand acres of natural forests. In addition to the evacuation of hundreds of residents in nearby towns, homes and properties were damaged.

Since Monday morning, firefighting crews have been working in 5 axes to extinguish the fire, knowing that the flames that have been extinguished are spreading again from time to time due to Strong winds combined with the hot, dry weather were fanning the flames, rapidly spreading the fire. Early assessments showed extensive damage caused to much of the area.

In anticipation of any emergency, more than three thousand people were evacuated from their homes in five towns, after some buildings caught fire without causing any casualties.

With the massive blaze, the rescue crews prevented about 2,000 people from returning to their homes, in anticipation of the possibility of a fire near their homes.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, held a session at the headquarters of the Special Operations Room to assess the situation, and instructed that he be informed, if necessary, of asking for help from other countries.

Bennett expressed his hope that the fire would not be brought under control until the afternoon hours, calling on all residents of the area to abide by the orders of the emergency forces in the place.

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