Earthquake strikes in Mediterranean Sea off Lebanon’s coast


Reports from the European-Mediterranean Seismological center (EMSC) have shown that a 3.3 magnitude earthquake has occurred 69 kilometers southwest of Beirut in the Mediterranean Sea on Friday evening.

No damages have been reported in Lebanon.

According to a research by the American University in Beirut, even though the seismicity in Lebanon was very low in the last century; Lebanon fault system is considered to be capable of generating moderate to high earthquakes as it was mentioned by several studies addressing Lebanon seismicity.

“Lebanon is located over the massive Levant fault, which is 1,200 kilometer-long and stretches from the Gulf of Aqaba to Turkey. In Lebanon, this fault is divided into three major sections which have already generated numerous devastating earthquakes characterized by a magnitude above 7: among others, the 551 earthquake and tsunami which happened over the Mount Lebanon thrust (at sea) and the 1202 earthquake which happened over the Yammouneh fault,” the research added.

The research said that even though the seismicity recorded in recent years has only been moderate, paleoseismic studies have shown that the faults linked to the Yammouneh one and the Mount Lebanon Thrust could now rupture again.

Al Arabiya

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