Algeria to allow more international flights in further easing of COVID restrictions


Algeria will increase the number of international flights it allows from Aug. 28, partly to help repatriate Algerians stuck abroad since air travel restrictions were imposed at the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year.

The country began gradually reopening its borders in June although arrivals must comply with strict health measures.

State carrier Air Algerie will operate 32 international flights weekly, consisting of departures from and arrivals at three Algerian airports, the transport ministry said in a statement. It currently has nine flights arriving each week.

The majority of flights, 24, will serve routes to France, where there is a large Algerian diaspora, and there will also be flights to Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Turkey and Tunisia.

Airlines from those countries will be permitted to operate the same number of flights to and from the North African nation.

“As part of reciprocity, (the number of Air Algerie flights) will be doubled by foreign airlines operating in Algeria,” the statement said.

Air Algerie suspended its international routes in March last year although it later operated some emergency flights.


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