Lebanon’s caretaker energy minister says no request made for Iranian fuel imports


DUBAI – Lebanon’s caretaker energy minister said on Wednesday that he has not received a request to import Iranian fuel.

The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, said on Friday a shipment of Iranian fuel from a third vessel was agreed to ease crippling shortages.

Lebanon’s financial meltdown has translated into crippling fuel shortages that have paralyzed many aspects of daily life.

The state power generator has barely supplied any electricity, leaving Lebanese households and businesses increasingly reliant on private generators powered by fuel oil, which in turn is in short supply.

Lebanon’s economic crisis, described by the World Bank as one of the deepest depressions of modern history, has seen its currency lose more than 90 percent of its value and propelled more than half of its population into poverty.

The fuel crisis reached a crunch point this month when the central bank said it could no longer finance fuel imports at heavily subsidized exchange rates and would switch to market rates.


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