Tunisian president appoints ambassador to U.S.


TUNIS – Tunisian President Kais Saied appointed Hanene Tajouri Bessassi as ambassador to the United States, he said on Monday, weeks after he dismissed her predecessor without explanation.

Saied has removed numerous officials from their posts since July 25, when he sacked the prime minister, suspended parliament and assumed executive authority in moves his critics call a coup.

Last week, amid growing internal and foreign pressure on him to name a new government, he appointed Najla Bouden Romdhane as prime minister and said she would form a cabinet in the coming hours or days.

However, after he brushed aside much of the constitution last month, Saied said the government would be responsible to him, meaning the new prime minister is likely to have less power than her predecessors.

The United States has been important to Tunisia since its 2011 revolution in providing security assistance and working with other major donors to support public finances.

Along with other members of the G7 group of advanced economies it has urged Saied to return to a constitutional order in which an elected parliament plays a significant role.


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