Dozens of security, intelligence officers in Sudan forced into retirement: Sources


Dozens of security and intelligence high-ranking officers in Sudan have been forced into retirement, according to Al Arabiya sources.

The Vice-President of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, nicknamed “Hemedti,” had confirmed a day earlier that the military component in Sudan had no purpose in political power.

Hemedti told Al Arabiya and Al Hadath during an exclusive interview on Saturday that the military, security, and police leaders aim to determine responsibilities, noting that Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok must return to the regions and tribes to form his next government.

“We know that there is a plan to demonize the military component in Sudan,” he told the channel.

He also stressed that the goal of the Sovereignty Council is to hold free and fair elections in Sudan.

Regarding the violence that took place in the recent demonstrations, Hemedti stressed the need to determine the responsibilities to hold those involved in the violence during the demonstrations accountable.

Al Arabiya

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