Explosions heard in US base in Syria: Report


Reuters – Syrian state television reported on Sunday that multiple explosions had been heard inside the US base in the al-Tanf region in eastern Homs, near the Iraqi border.

The report follows a drone attack on the base in October, which US officials said they believed Iran was responsible for.

There were no reported injuries or deaths as a result of the attack in October, which involved five explosive-laden drones that targeted both US forces and opposition fighters, officials said.

US and coalition troops are based at al-Tanf to train Syrian forces on patrols to counter ISIS militants. The base is also located on a road serving as a vital link for Iranian-backed forces from Tehran all the way to southern Lebanon and Israel.

The previous major Iranian attack on US forces was in January 2020, when Tehran launched a barrage of ballistic missiles on al-Asad air base in Iraq.


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