UN Support Mission in Libya encourages all sides to unify state institutions


The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) on Sunday welcomed the meeting that took place between Gen. Abdulrazzak al-Nazouri and Gen. Mohammed al-Hadad in Libya’s Sirt.

“UNSMIL warmly welcomes the meeting that took place on [December 11] between Gen. Abdulrazzak al-Nazouri and Gen. Mohammed al-Hadad in Sirt,” the mission said in a statement shared on Twitter.

Al-Nazouri is the Chief of Staff of the Libyan Armed Forces, who was appointed by the Libyan House of Representatives, while al-Haddad is the Chief of General Staff of the Libyan Army in Tripoli.

“The Mission encourages all sides to take further concrete steps towards unifying state institutions, including military and security institutions,” the statement added.

On Saturday, al-Nazouri said that Libya’s military institution will unite.

“Our responsibility is to protect the homeland and the constitution, and to preserve the military institution,” he said.

“We will not neglect the Libyan army, and we will not interfere in civilian life, but we will not let civilians play with us or dismantle the military institution,” he added.

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