Dubai’s Expo suspends some activities as precaution amid COVID-19 surge concerns


Dubai Expo temporarily suspended some activities that require close or direct contact as a precaution against the latest COVID-19 developments in the UAE, state news agency WAM reported on Monday.

Some of the suspended activities include shows, and performance arts by roaming artists. Additionally, the Expo increased the number of PCR testing facilities, and enforced a PCR test on all front line workers at the site as well as the entertainment employees.

Cases in the Gulf country have been steadily at low rates in recent months, but the Ministry of Health reporting the highest number of COVID-19 cases on Monday since late September.

The UAE reported on Monday 301 positive coronavirus cases, which is the highest since September 25 when the country reported 321 positive cases.

The country has not specified whether any of the new cases where of the omicron variant, though it announced that it reported its first case of the new, highly transmissible variant on December 1.

The UAE cautioned against over-the-top celebrations for Christmas and the New Year. It also restricted entry into all government institutions only to people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 starting from January 3

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