Iran’s attempt to force the US back to the JCPOA failed miserably

By : Tony Badran By attacking Saudi Aramco, Iran wanted to force the US to return to the JCPOA nuclear deal. It failed. The futility of Iran’s attempts to force the US to return to the nuclear deal was evident at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), where US President Donald Trump reiterated

The war in Yemen is a homegrown affair

By: Gerald Feierstein Many international commentators continue to present the war in Yemen through the lens of Saudi Arabian intervention or sectarian conflict. This narrative has even influenced the US Congress, where some members have passed legislation that rests on the assumption that the war is between the Houthis and Saudi

Waste-to-energy: The green answer to the UAE’s power issues?

Over the past few years, the UAE has been in a constant state of transformation. Factors such as climate change and resource scarcity have catalysed the country to adopt a forward-looking approach. These outside influences combined with a growing population, increased urbanisation and industrialisation, and the push for economic diversification has