Turkey, Iran, Russia pledge to work toward stability in Syria

By Middle East Affairs After a joint summit Wednesday, Turkey, Iran and Russia pledged to work toward stabilization in Syria, Reuters reports. In a statement after the meeting, the countries said they would "speed up their efforts to ensure calm on the ground" in Syria. Russia and Iran back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad,

U.S.-backed Syria force to send 1,700 soldiers to Afrin

By Middle East Affairs An alliance of Syrian forces backed by the United States announced Tuesday it will pull 1,700 fighters from the fight against the Islamic State to help a Kurdish enclave under Turkish attack, AFP reports. Turkey and allied Syrian rebels have been fighting against a Kurdish militia in Afrin

U.S. embassy in Turkey shut down over a ‘security threat’

By Middle East Affairs The U.S. embassy in Turkey is closed today because of a "security threat," AFP reports. The embassy in Ankara was attacked in 2013 by a suicide bombing, which killed a Turkish security guard. That bombing was claimed by a far-left group. Turkey and the United States have butted heads lately

Turkish warplanes kill 36 in Afrin

By Middle East Affairs Turkish warplanes killed at least 36 pro-Syrian regime forces Saturday in northwestern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Turkey has been leading an operation in Afrin since January targeting the Kurdish YPG militia and the pro-Syrian government forces that support them. The air strike hit a camp

14 ‘Damascus loyalists’ dead after Turkish strikes

By Middle East Affairs Turkish air strikes have killed at least 14 Syrian regime fighters in the northwestern enclave of Afrin, AFP reports. Three Kurdish fighters were also killed in the strikes Thursday in Jamma, a village on the Turkish border, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitor. Turkey-led