Unions strike in Jordan in protest of IMF tax hikes

AMMAN (Reuters) - Shops and pharmacies closed in Jordan's capital on Wednesday as some unions pressed ahead with a strike protesting against tax hikes, after King Abdullah replaced his prime minister to try to defuse public anger. A draft law to raise income taxes and International Monetary Fund-driven reforms that have

IMF taxes the reason behind widespread protests in Jordan

(AFP) AMMAN: A parliamentary tug of war is taking place in Jordan in an attempt to defuse public anger at an IMF inspired income tax law that has caused widespread protests. Unions called for another one-day strike on Wednesday amid a groundswell of daily protests against the tax increases. About 3,000 people

Jordanians protest International Monetary Fund tax increases

Protesters in the capital Amman carried placards criticizing the government They also accused politicians of corruption and squandering public funds (Arab News) AMMAN: Thousands of Jordanians went on strike on Wednesday to protest against planned tax increases demanded by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The draft amendments would double the income-tax