Iraq restarts small Kirkuk oil exports after a year of suspension

Iraq has restarted exports of Kirkuk oil, interrupted more than a year ago amid a standoff between the central government in Baghdad and Kurdistan's semi-autonomous region, industry sources said on Friday. The development is a win for the U.S. government which has been putting pressure on both sides to settle the

Why are Iraq’s Kirkuk oilfields so important?

Iraq's oilfields in the disputed Kirkuk region have taken on new significance after the United States restored oil sanctions against neighbouring Iran. Washington is pressuring Baghdad to resume exports that stopped last year. Iraq aims to raise its export capacity to 8.5 million barrels per day (bpd) in the coming years

Iraq rail service back on track after war with Islamic State

At Baghdad's grand but half-empty railway station, a single train is sputtering to life. It is the newly revived daily service to Falluja, a dusty town to the west once infamous as a Sunni insurgent stronghold. The driver and conductor assure that the tracks running through Anbar province are now clear