E.U. seeks exemption from Iranian sanctions, eager to do business

BERLIN (Reuters) - Ministers from Germany, France, and Britain have written to senior U.S. officials urging them to protect European companies working in Iran from getting caught up in Washington's new sanctions on the Islamic Republic. In the June 4 letter, the foreign and finance ministers singled out key areas where

French FM says Iran within limits, but dangerously close to “red line”

By Middle East Affairs France's foreign minister said that Iran's plans to proceed with uranium enrichment capacity as they wait out and see what happens with nuclear deal is drawing dangerously close to the "red line". On Monday, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader announced Iran's plans to begin preparations for increased uranium enrichment capacity

Netanyahu says Iran will incite a religious war and its refugees will come to E.U.

BERLIN (Reuters) - Iran's activities across the Middle East threaten to drive another wave of refugees to Europe, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday. Netanyahu, on a tour to persuade European countries to follow the U.S. administration of Donald Trump in tearing

Israeli-E.U. relations: a stormy love-hate relationship

(Haaretz)At the European Union Embassy in Israel, located at the top of a tightly-guarded high-rise office building in Ramat Gan, no one is surprised when another Israeli politician rails against them on television. Even so, it takes an entirely new level of audacity, or indifference, for one to say that