China’s environment watchdog warns polluters not to flout winter smog plan

China's environment ministry issued a stern warning on Saturday to companies across heavy industry not to flout the nation's tough emission rules -- a move seen as quashing speculation that the 2018 winter anti-smog campaign will be more lenient. The warning comes after the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) on

Nearly 1000 protest Israel’s new gas rig which activists say will poison the water

By Middle East Affairs On Friday Israeli surfers attempted a world breaking protest against environmental dangers from off-shore gas projects. Hundreds of Israeli surfers take part in what they said was a record-breaking protest against potential environmental damage from an off-shore gas development project in the Mediterranean Sea at Herzliya, Israel June

EU settles dispute over major weedkiller glyphosate

EU countries have voted to renew the licence of glyphosate, a widely used weedkiller at the centre of environmental concerns. The proposal at the EU Commission's Appeal Committee got 18 votes in favour and nine against, with one abstention, ending months of deadlock. The Commission says the new five-year licence will be