Iranian regime running out of options as sanctions hit

The second tranche of US sanctions on Iran have now taken effect. The new sanctions have been described by the White House as the strongest and most crippling in the history of sanctions imposed on the Iranian regime since the 1979 revolution. This package will reimpose all the sanctions previously

Iran not satisfied with E.U. efforts to save nuclear deal

LONDON (Reuters) - Iran's nuclear chief said on Tuesday that Europe's proposals to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal after the U.S. withdrawal from the pact were not satisfying for Tehran, warning that all sides would lose if Iran is sidelined by the West, the IRNA state news agency said. IRNA reported

Netanyahu says Iran will incite a religious war and its refugees will come to E.U.

BERLIN (Reuters) - Iran's activities across the Middle East threaten to drive another wave of refugees to Europe, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday. Netanyahu, on a tour to persuade European countries to follow the U.S. administration of Donald Trump in tearing