Syrian government troops take southern district from Daesh

DAMASCUS, Syria: Syrian government forces and their allies have captured a southern district from the Daesh group. The development comes after weeks of fighting that left scores dead on both sides. The government-linked Syrian Central Military Media says the army took Tulul Al-Safa region on Monday, ending the presence of the

Syria’s war: Assad regime accused of a host of crimes

BERIUT: The Syrian regime has been accused of various crimes during the conflict that started in 2011, including torture in prisons, summary executions and the use of chemical weapons. Some European countries have, meanwhile, launched investigations into alleged crimes by the Syrian regime, such as France, which announced on Monday international

Erdogan and Merkel to talk business, human rights

Tayyip Erdogan and Angela Merkel hope to ease tensions between their countries at a meeting on Friday, but the Turkish president may not like what he sees at a news conference he is scheduled to hold with the German chancellor. Can Dundar, one of the Turkish journalists most critical of Erdogan,