Bombings kill one, wound 18, in two Iraqi provinces – police

At least one person was killed and 14 wounded when a bus carrying workers at a small oil refinery in northern Iraq was blown up by an improvised explosive device, police said. The bus was at the Siniya refinery, near Iraq's largest oil refinery of Baiji in the predominantly Sunni Salahuddin

Iraqis ponder the coup that murdered King Faisal II after 60 years

Iraq's monarchy came to a bloody end on July 14, 1958 Many look back at the era with a sense of nostalgia BAGHDAD/LONDON: With Iraq facing its latest security challenge amid growing protests over unemployment, Iraqis could be forgiven for harking back nostalgically to an era of rising prosperity when

Putin congratulates Assad on recapturing Damascus

Alexander Lavrentiev relayed Putin’s congratulations to Assad on the capital’s recapture. Russia has backed Syria’s government for several decades but intervened militarily in its war in 2015. (Reuters) DAMASCUS: Syrian President Bashar Assad hailed Russia’s hand in his recent victories during a meeting in Damascus on Wednesday with the Kremlin’s