Turkey: Kurdish militia hasn’t hauled out of Syrian town

On Sunday, the US-backed Kurdish-led Manbij Military Council said the YPG finished its withdrawal The ministry says the YPG is as yet hauling out of areas where Turkish and US powers have been watching ANKARA, Turkey: Turkey says Syrian Kurdish militiamen haven't finished their withdrawal yet are as yet hauling

U.S. embassy in Turkey shut down over a ‘security threat’

By Middle East Affairs The U.S. embassy in Turkey is closed today because of a "security threat," AFP reports. The embassy in Ankara was attacked in 2013 by a suicide bombing, which killed a Turkish security guard. That bombing was claimed by a far-left group. Turkey and the United States have butted heads lately

Eight Turkish soldiers killed in Syria, 13 wounded

Istanbul (AFP) - Turkey suffered heavy losses on Thursday during its offensive against a Kurdish militia in northwest Syria, with the military announcing that eight soldiers were killed and 13 more wounded. The death toll, released by the Turkish military staff in two separate statements, makes Thursday one of the deadliest