Kurdish government accepts Baghdad’s conditions to end dispute

BAGHDAD: The Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has agreed on the conditions stipulated by Baghdad’s federal government to solve outstanding problems between the two governments. Talks will be resumed to end the punitive measures in the Kurdish region, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi said on Tuesday. The KRG held a controversial referendum

Opposition groups quit Iraqi Kurdish government over protests

BAGHDAD/IRBIL: Opposition groups quit the government of Iraq’s Kurdish region on Wednesday in protest at violent unrest in which at least three people were killed, with one group saying authorities had shown a flagrant disregard for life. In another test for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq, the United

Iraqi Kurds take to the streets for lack of funds

BAGHDAD: Thousands of Iraqi Kurds took to the streets in the Kurdish region on Monday to protest the lack of funds and basic services. The demonstrators also demanded the resignation of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), eye witnesses and officials told Arab News. Riots broke out when protesters set fire to