Lebanese radio program could be used to change attitudes toward migrants

Migrant domestic workers can be treated like they are invisible, and this radio show can change the way they are perceived by illustrating and highlighting the multi-faceted dimensions of their identities and lives Projects like the Lebanese radio program could be used across the region to change attitudes toward

13,000 Algerian migrants left to wander the desert with no shelter

By Middle East Affairs More than 13,000 migrants have been forced to wander the Sahara Desert without food or water over the last two months, many have been forced to walk for days on end searching for relief. Among the 13,000 migrants are pregnant women and children. According to interviews conducted by the

2000 African migrants stopped by Libyan coastguards in one week

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Libyan coastguards picked up 948 African migrants on inflatable boats in several operations and also recovered 10 bodies on Sunday, officials and a witness at a naval base said. The operations brings the number, since last week, of mainly African migrants trying to head to Italy but brought

Libya’s coast guard finds 5 bodies of migrants, 191 still alive

(AFP) TRIPOLI: Libyan coast guards said on Monday they had recovered the bodies of five migrants and picked 191 survivors off the coast west of the capital Tripoli. Libya’s western coast is the main departure point for migrants trying to reach Europe by the sea, though the number of crossings has