Protests in Amman, Jordan continue against IMF imposed taxes

By Middle East Affairs Even the resignation of Jordan's prime minister who had supported the IMF mandated tax increases won't stop Jordanians from protesting to the streets. Overnight and into Tuesday, saw thousands of Jordanians marching toward the office of the now resigned Prime Minister Hani Mulki to demand an end to the

Biggest demonstrations in Jordan since 2011

JEDDAH: Thousands of Jordanian youth took to the streets for the third night in a row against tax rises and austerity measures — the biggest demonstrations since 2011. In Amman, the Jordanian capital, police fired tear gas and blocked roads to stop protesters getting close to the prime minister’s office. The protesters

IMF taxes the reason behind widespread protests in Jordan

(AFP) AMMAN: A parliamentary tug of war is taking place in Jordan in an attempt to defuse public anger at an IMF inspired income tax law that has caused widespread protests. Unions called for another one-day strike on Wednesday amid a groundswell of daily protests against the tax increases. About 3,000 people