105 yr old Nakba survivor tells her story of having to flee her village and abandon her family home in Palestine

By Middle East Affairs Hakma Atallah is a 105-year-old survivor of the Nakbah in 1948, she was forced to flee from her village Al-Swafeer, along with 700,000 other Palestinians who were ordered to leave their homes. Atallah now lives with her 65-year-old daughter and her 19-year-old granddaughter in Beach Camp, west of Gaza City,

Palestine recalls 4 European envoys who attended U.S. embassy opening

By Middle East Affairs Speaking the language of diplomacy, Palestine called the envoys of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania for a hearing after attending the ceremony of the U.S's embassy's relocation to Jerusalem. Palestine has recalled the envoys of the four European countries after they attended a gala on Sunday for the