Turkey, Iran, Russia pledge to work toward stability in Syria

By Middle East Affairs After a joint summit Wednesday, Turkey, Iran and Russia pledged to work toward stabilization in Syria, Reuters reports. In a statement after the meeting, the countries said they would "speed up their efforts to ensure calm on the ground" in Syria. Russia and Iran back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad,

Turkey, Iran meet before a Syria summit with Russia

By Middle East Affairs Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who support opposing sides in the Syrian conflict, held talks Wednesday in Ankara before their upcoming summit with Russia. The three countries will discuss strategies to reduce the violence among them and their coalitions. Russia and Iran back Syrian

Iran ‘ready’ to sit down with Arab neighbors: Rouhani

By Middle East Affairs Iran's president said Wednesday he would be open to discussing regional security issues with Gulf Arab neighbors, AFP reports. President Hassan Rouhani listed one condition, though: Western powers must stay out of it. "We don't need foreigners to guarantee the security of our region," he said in a televised