Sentencing set for Syrian man convicted of making bomb parts

PHOENIX: A Syrian man accused of making a key component in improvised explosive devices used in attacks against US soldiers during the Iraq War is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday on federal conspiracy charges. Ahmed Alahmedalabdaloklah is accused of making circuit boards used to remotely detonate roadside bombs for the 1920

Palmyra priest statue among haul of recovered Syrian relics

A stone image of an ancient priest is one of hundreds of stolen antiquities recovered by the Syrian government and put on display in Damascus this week, a reminder of the mass looting of Syria's heritage during seven years of war. It was carved for Yalhi bin Yalhabouda, a high priest

Far from home, a Syrian rebel group starts over

Syrian rebels forced from their towns when government forces retook eastern Ghouta near Damascus are starting over in the far north, aiming to build hundreds of homes for displaced fighters and civilians on opposition-held land near the Turkish border. Jaish al-Islam, one of Syria's most prominent rebel groups, likens the project