Turkey appears to close on bank deal with UAE despite rift

A United Arab Emirates bank may agree to buy Turkey's Denizbank within weeks, sources exclusively told Reuters, despite a rift between Turkey and Gulf states. Reuters said Turkish bank Denizbank had to convince President Tayyip Erdogan of the benefits of the potential $5.3 billion deal. Emirates NBD, Dubai's biggest bank, orignally said

Qatar creates self-reliance plan to counter Gulf Arab boycott

By Middle East Affairs Reuters reports that Qatar launched Wednesday a five-year development plan to become more self-reliant, as it's been facing a boycott from other Arab states since last June. Titled the National Development Strategy for 2018-2022, the plan pledges to "rationalize energy consumption and encourage development of renewable energy while

Iran, Qatar diplomacy deepens

By Middle East Affairs The Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri has announced that Iran has "support" for the Qatari government, according to UAE-based the National newspaper. The “ground is ready for development of co-operation with Qatar and we are doing our best to have stronger relations with Doha,” the Deputy