U.N. envoy Angelina Jolie visits Syrian refugees in Kurdistan, says “Women and girls are left vulnerable to sexual violence” when we don’t invest in refugees

DOMIZ CAMP, Iraq (Reuters) - The world is failing to properly invest in the Syrian refugee crisis and families, women, and children are suffering terribly as a result, U.N. refugee agency special envoy Angelina Jolie said on Sunday. The Hollywood actress was visiting the Domiz Camp, in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region

U.N. will try to convince Houthi to relinquish Hodeidah port

By Middle East Affairs After top Houthi chief killed on Monday, U.N. Yemen mediator trying to convince Houthi militia to relinquish control of Hodeidah port in hopes of stopping a Saudi funded attack. On Saturday, the Mediator Martin Griffiths arrived in Houthi controlled Sanaa as Saudi led troops were attempting an attack within 10