U.N. says Syrian government committed war crimes & crimes against humanity by deliberately starving civilians

GENEVA (Reuters) - Syrian government troops and affiliated forces committed war crimes and a crime against humanity in their long siege of eastern Ghouta through heavy bombardment and "deliberately starving" 265,000 people, U.N. investigators said on Wednesday. About 20,000 rebel fighters entrenched in the besieged area, some belonging to "terrorist groups",

Syrian jets hit south in a first since last year’s truce

By Middle East Affairs Government jets hit rebel-held towns Monday in Syria's south for the first time since the area was "de-escalated" last year, Reuters reports. At least eight raids struck the rebel-held towns of Busr al-Harir, Hrak, al-Gharaiya al-Gharbiya and al-Sowara in rural areas in eastern Deraa province in southern Syria,

Turkish warplanes kill 36 in Afrin

By Middle East Affairs Turkish warplanes killed at least 36 pro-Syrian regime forces Saturday in northwestern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Turkey has been leading an operation in Afrin since January targeting the Kurdish YPG militia and the pro-Syrian government forces that support them. The air strike hit a camp

New Russian fighter jets spotted in Syria

By Middle East Affairs An Israeli satellite has revealed images of a new Russian aircraft deployment in Syria, Haaretz reports. The images revealed Saturday show Sukhoi Su-57 planes, which are the first ones Russia has deployed. In a statement, Haaretz reports the satellite operator said two of the planes were spotted at the